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Consultant in Ophthalmologist "Pediatric"

Working experienced

  • Demonstrator at King Saud University since7/1427H.
  • Assistant Professor in medicine colloege, King Saud University since 7/1436h until now.
  • consultant pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus since2/2015.
  • Head of Ophthalmology unit in king khaled university hospital 2/1438h until now.
  • Deanship of skills development-management at king saud university for 2 years since 1/1437h.
  • Assistant of vice dean of female students’ affairs for development and quality in king saud university since2/1439h until now .

Qualifications :

    1.  Clinical Fellowship in Pediatric ophthalmology &Strabismus from University of british columbia ,Vancouver,Canada for 3 years starting 1/2012 TILL12/2014.
    2. King Saud University Board   in Ophthalmology 1/2011
    3. Jordanian Board Certificate in Ophthalmology2/2011.
    4. Saudi Board in Ophthalmology9/2010.
    5. internship completion certificate 6/2006
    6. bachelor degree in medicineM.B.B.S ,King Saud University7/2005.
    7. gradiuation gpa of 4,32 out of 5 with second class honor degree.


  • Joined Ophthalmology Residency Program of the Saudi council for Health Specialties.
  • During residency training program, rotations had taken place as the following:

4 years of Ophthalmology training at King Khaled Eye specialist hospital,
King Abdulaziz university hospital,King Khaled university hospital and Security Forced hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

June 2005-june2006

Internship at King Khalid University Hospital, Riyadh:

  • 10 weeks in Pediatric including one week in pediatric ER.
  • 10 weeks in internal medicine.
  • 10 weeks in Obstetrics &Gynecology .
  • Elective 5 weeks in Ophthalmology.
  • Elective 5 weeks in Dermatology
  • 10 weeks in Surgery with Certificate of Appreciation.


Joined King Saud University(KSA) ,College of Medicine at Riyadh-

Honors and Awards:

  •  Graduated from Medical school, King Saud University with second class of honor.
  • Nominated as Ideal student on 2003.

Courses &Conferences:

  •  Attendance of SOS April 2017.
  • Attendance of KKUH seminar 2015,2016,2017
  • Attendance of KKESH pediatric ophthalmology meeting 2015.
  • Attendance of Canadian Ophthalmology Society in Victoria 2015,presented a poster about reactive arthritis in Rieter disease.
  • Attendance of Canadian ophthalmology society in Halifax 2014,presented a case report a ofOculocardiofaciodental Syndrome.
  • Attendance of Canadian Ophthalmology Society in Montreal 2013,presented a talk about corneal anesthesia in children.
  • Attendance of Pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus conference in Vancouver 2013,presented a case of incontenetiapigmenti in the panel discussion.
  • Saudi councilfor health specialistevaluation exam. March 2005, Riyadh .
  • Basic life support & ACLS 2003&2005, Riyadh ,renew on14th Feb 2010 and Feb 2015.
  • Basic science course in Ophthalmology 4thNovember_20th December 2006.
  • The combined meeting of Annual Symposium of King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital (KKESH) & the Annual Scientificmeeting
    of the Saudi Ophthalmological Society (March 2007,2008,2009 & 2010) Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
  • Attendance of 27th Seminar on Laser Refractive Surgery 21stMay 2007 at college of medicine, King Saud University ,Riyadh , KSA
  • Attendance of 32nd seminar on outcomes in orbital fractures(14-15 December 2009) at college of medicine, king Saud university, Riyadh.
  • Certificate of Attendance of evidence based health education at 29/11/2005.
  • Certificate of attendance of the 9th international Pharmaceutical Sciences Conference & Exhibition on 17-21December 2005.
  • Certificate of Attendance of Saudi Science Club at King Faisal Special Hospital & Research Center in Jeddah at 15/4/2005.
  • Joined a summer training program at Riyadh Kharj Hospital (RKH) for medicine at 2004 for 2 months.
  • Certificate of Attendance of Role of Basal Insulin In The Treatment of Type 1& Type2 Diabetes at RKH in 18/5/2004.
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