Do you recommend Epi Lasik or Femtosecond Laser for refractive surgeries?

Epi Lasik is a superficial process therefore it might be safer in the future specially in cases where the corneal thickness is small.

Is it possible to make Lasik surgery more than one time because vision has decreased after several years since the first surgery?

It is possible if there is a sufficient Corneal thickness, and if there is slight decrease in vision, superficial laser can be performed.

Is it possible to treat Astigmatism by Laser or Contact lens instead of eye glasses?
You can treat astigmatism by Laser if cornea has no Keratoconus, and this can be ruled out by Topography.
If Astigmatism is high with Keratoconus then Hard Contact Lens is the safest solution.
I have retinal burn as some doctors informed me , is it possible to have my vision back or prevent it from loss?
Burns that appear because of looking to direct sunlight might get better at the beginning , but after 6 months of improvement, vision will be less ,unfortunately there is no treatment for this case.
When I look around and move my eyes right to left I see black spot
Usually this case is caused by tiny volatile floaters in vitreous fluid, its recommended to have funduscopy exam at least once to make sure that there are no tears or holes in retina.
What are the causes of eye bleeding? How is it treated?
The most important causes are injuries ,bruises, and Diabetes mellitus
each case is treated clinically based on its severity and urgency.
Is there any relation between dental and eye diseases?
There is no any direct relation except that upper teeth pain might affect the lower orbit of eyes.
What is the difference between Cataract and Glaucoma?
Cataract is the opacity of the lens, it should be treated surgically, but Glaucoma is a disease of optic nerve caused by high intra ocular pressure , it can be treated by eye drops or it might need surgical procedure but the deterioration of vision is irreversible.
What is the difference between ,Trachoma and Vernal keratoconjunctivitis?
Trachoma is bacterial infection and it needs antibiotic eye drops, but Vernal keratoconjunctivitis is an eye allergy treated by Antihistamines.
What are the cause optic nerve injury?
There are many reasons, one of them is Glaucoma , optic neuritis and  Multiple Sclerosis ,etc..
Is there any side effect for contact lens ?
Yes, most important effects are corneal scratching or infections, and this appear because of misuse or poor hygiene.
Which is better eye glasses or contact lens?
Surely eye glasses are better with no doubts.
How can we choose the suitable frames for eye glasses or sun glasses?
Its recommended to insure that frame size is suitable for your eyes ,and it's important to make sure that sun glasses has UV protection.
What are the causes of tearing with pain?
Usually it's an indication of allergy or Nasolacrimal duct obstruction.
I suffer from severe headaches .. someone told me it is because of dry eyes and another denied that reason? What do you recommend?
Dry eyes often does not cause headaches and most types of headaches are related to sinus problems.
Is it possible to wear colored contact lens after having refractive surgery?
Yes, but with limits and after at least (4-6) months post Lasik.


What are the causes of Cataract?

There are different kinds of Cataract " congenital cataract, senile Cataract", but most important causes of Cataract are:

  • Senile cataract
  • Traumatic Cataract
  •   Improper use of treatments "Cortisone" for long period.
  •   The possibility to have Cataract will increases in diabetic patients. 
What is the treatment of Cataract?

Surgical removal is the only treatment for Cataract.

Is delaying Cataract treatment better?

One of the common wrong believes that its better to delay Cataract removal till it gets hard and vision becomes very low, it is very dangerous, and it may affect surgery's success rate.
It's better to remove Cataract as soon as vision is affected.

How is Cataract surgery performed?

The cataractus  lens will be removed under local anesthesia using Phaco technique through small opening "2 mm" and inserting new intra ocular lens.

What is an intra ocular lens?

It is the artificial lens that substitute the removed cataractus lens to sustain eye visual power.

What are the types of IOLs ?
  •         Monofocal IOL
  •         Multifocal IOL
  •         Accommodating IOL
What is the suitable lens for me?

Only you physician can inform you about the suitable eye lens for you based on eye case and vision requirements.

What are the instruction after Cataract surgery?

Physician's  instruction strictly.
Use eye drops on i time after washing hands.
Use eye protection or sun glasses at all  time.
Avoid eye rubbing or washing directly with water.
Protect your eye away from dust and smoke or places of animals and birds.
Be aware not to move a lot after surgery, and not to carry heavy things in the first days.
You will be able to watch TV or read after surgery.
When having any pain, redness or sudden weakness you must visit the center as soon as possible.
Using perfumes or smelling scents doesn’t affect surgery's result.
No diet program for cataract surgery patients, except those who are diabetics.

Is high intra ocular pressure means that the person has Glaucoma?

Not necessary . high eye pressure means that there is possibility to have Glaucoma.

Is it possible to have Glaucoma if there is no high intra ocular pressure?

Yes it is possible, because Glaucoma might happen without high intra ocular pressure and it is known as  "low-tension Glaucoma".

How can we protect our vision?

Studies have shown that early detection and treatment is the best way to control the disease, if the classification of patient lies within those who are most susceptible to a disease, then he must be aware for periodic follow up.
And if someone has been diagnosed to have glaucoma and was medication to treat it , then it is a must to take it daily ,visit ophthalmologist regularly.
decrease intra ocular pressure when having Glaucoma "early stages" slows the progression of disease and helps to protect vision.

Is it possible to be cured from Glaucoma?

Unfortunately at this time there is no effective treatment conclusively, loss of vision that is caused by Glaucoma is irreversible, the aim of treatment is to stop deterioration and protect the rest of the vision.

How does Glaucoma affect driving?

Glaucoma affect the visual field of the affected person ,so driving becomes difficult due to limited vision .